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Rapport d'activité Burundi 2019


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Ranked 184th out of 188 countries in the HDI classification, Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Education needs are immense in this country where 1 in 2 children do not complete primary education. (Source : Burundi Ministry of Education)

In this context, where sport has been declared a "vector of national reconciliation" by the government, PLAY International intends to transmit messages of prevention and awareness raising to better living together, such as the fight against discrimination and gender equality, to enable all children to benefit from an active and inclusive education. Thanks to a network of 210 trained educational professionals, PLAY International works with several thousand children, especially the most vulnerable, in 15 different localities.

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As a group leader for PLAY International and a teacher, when I bump into a child, I know whether he or she is going to school or not.  [...] For instance, take the case of Divine; she had dropped out of school along time ago. But thanks to the awareness-raising activities of PLAY International, she came back to the classroom. Today, she is even an assistant at the NGO!  She is 20 years old and will finish high school at the end of this academic year.These stories are the fruit of our work. Many of those who had dropped out of school have come back to the classroom.The results are plain to see and that is why I have been a group leader for the last 10 years!

Faustin Nduwayezu
Group leader and teacher

All the children are here, whether they are repatriated or not. We do not distinguish, here they are united. Sport helps us, we get to know our teammates. When women see that in sport they have their places, it's easy to integrate them.

Assistant at Kizuka Friends Area

Playdagogy is very useful to identify dropout cases! It is when you start talking and try to convey key messages to generate a debate over the importance of school that you spot children who have stopped studying. [...] Since last year, 23 children have come to tell me that they had dropped out and that they wanted to go back to school. Together with their families and other players, we try to work things out. Playdagogy helps us find the most vulnerable children.

facilitator in Bujumbura

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