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PLAY International opens the first collaborative space dedicated to social innovation through sport and play: the Playlab. A place of co-creation, sharing and accompaniment, this device aims to enable sport to help reinvent the way our children grow up, to reconfigure our health or employment responses, to respond to crises humanitarian workers, etc.

Social innovation

is a collective sport

PLAY International is convinced that sport is a source of social innovation that meets the challenges facedby society. Sport’s potential of positive social impact (on social, individual, emotional, intellectual capital) is under-exploited. The scope of possibilities is still very broad.
Building on 20 years’ experience in the eld, in pedagogical engineering and project roll-out, as well its multiple joint actions with associations, companies, coaches and public authorities both in France and abroad, PLAY International seeks to create an environment conducive to the development of social innovation throughsport on an international scale.

By “social innovation through sport” PLAY International means: a tangible solution (method, approach, program,etc.), constructed together, to meet new needs, and poorly satis ed or non-satisfied needs, by using sport as a tool to positively contribute to resolving society’s issues.

Sport is used in terms of a game as a didactic toolfor education, social inclusion and wellbeing.

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