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Playdagogy is an active and participatory pedagogical method designed and developed by PLAY International since the early 2000s. 


It uses sporting game as an educational tool to transmit prevention and awareness messages to children between 6 and 15 years old. It allows social and health issues to be raised in a fun and positive way. Products of a collective work, the pedagogical contents (thematic sheets, sessions, annexes) are co-created with PLAY International's operational (education and animation professionals) and institutional (thematic and scientific experts) partners.




séance de playdagogie avec une enseignante et des élèves de cycle 3




3 steps


Game without theme : The child understands the instructions, engages in motor mobilization and develops play strategies.


Game with theme : The child feels emotions, sensations, experiments and questions himself; the adult is the director. He places clues, symbols and identifies behaviours that will be discussed.


The debate : The child expresses, learns and takes ownership of the awareness and prevention messages. The adult is a mediator and supports the concepts discussed.



the pedagogical media library 

Find all the educational ressources developed with and for educational professionals to enable you to carry out awareness raising on issues of living together and health trough play and sport. 


Pedagogical kits are:

- broken down by age group,

- adapted to respond concretely to local social and health issues,

- created by sector: school, extra)curricular, chil welfare...


Educational edivsers, school directes, teachers, educators, animators... access to all Playdagogy kits, socio-sports sessions or cooperative games ! 


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exemple de fiche de jeu Playdagogie pour sensibiliser les élèves de cycle 3 aux bienfaits du sport sur la santé

Playdagogy on the ground


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