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Disability inclusion


Our objectives

Since 2014, PLAY International has paid particular attention to taking disability into account in its actions in France, both through the themes of the socio-sports activities proposed and their beneficiary audiences.


PLAY International's action focuses on three areas: prevention for children without disabilities, through the deployment of the Playdagogy kit - a change of perspective on disability; raising awareness among children with behavioural disorders on the specific theme of emotional management; and inclusion for all, by promoting, in schools, the mixed practice of socio-sports sessions (Playdagogy and Adapted Physical Activities) between students from ULIS classes and students from ordinary classes.

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Key figures

10 000

children benefiting from awareness and prevention programmes


professionals trained to conduct prevention programs


teachers trained to conduct awareness programs



Since 2016, PLAY International has been working with educators at ITEP Lambersart to create a "Emotions Management" kit, a particularly important theme for children with behavioural disorders. Seven Advocacy sessions and a thematic sheet were created, tested and implemented.


Within the school environment, ULIS classes are devices that enable children with disabilities to be integrated into traditional schools. In order to allow for an even stronger mix, we have identified the need for teachers to have adapted PSE sessions that allow all children to play together.

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pedagogical content

Find on our educational media library all the resources related to the inclusion and disabilities project developed with and for education professionals.


A first kit "Changing mindset about disabilities" allows children aged 8 to 12 to better understand the disability and its consequences on people with disabilities, in order to change their perspective and develop more inclusive behaviours towards them. (only available in French) 


discover the changing mindset about disabilities kit


The second kit "Emotion management" makes it possible to work on the individual relationship to emotions and to approach the relationship to the emotions of the Other. (only available in French and for ITEP audience) 


discover the emotion management kit

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