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PLAY International has been working in Kosovo since 1999 to promote inter-ethnic reconciliation and social inclusion of young people, especially the most vulnerable (rural areas, minorities, etc.).

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PLAY International's socio-educational sports activities are designed to integrate all groups in society regardless of their ethnicity, gender or ability. The games are designed to encourage active learning, improve the self-esteem of young people and teach fundamental values ​​such as fair play, respect (of self, others and rules) and team spirit. Since 2018, the mission has diversified its work by establishing collaboration with organizations from neighboring countries in the Western Balkans through the Sport4Youth program; promoting the civic participation of young people in debates of national importance through human rights clubs; and improving educational skills and opportunities for physical education teachers through the Sport4Education program. The Kosovo Mission initiated the adaptation of Playdagogy and other methods to the specific challenges of the Western Balkans region. The NGO works directly with national education authorities to integrate PLAY International's unique educational approach into the formal education system.

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Human Rights clubs opened in 5 different localities


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The work of PLAY is to make children and youth grow in peace, to make them overcome the stereotypes of the past. What I find very interesting and unique is that PLAY also enables them to grow and develop skills. In time, these children change from beneficiaries to become actors of change. Small drops make big rivers and PLAY’s work can be very effective when replicated and used as a model

Cooperation Attaché at the French Embassy

I have seen changes in the children I teach, especially in relation to prejudice and their perceptions towards each other. It is very interesting, especially when they talk about their lives and relate them to the prejudices they have experienced through the games. It is then that they realise that they also have prejudices about others

Teacher at the “Hilmi Rakovica” Primary school in the Vranjevc district of Pristina

When I started doing PLAY activities, I was just a teenager. I discovered things about other communities that I had never had the chance to before, whether at school or elsewhere. It was a very good experience that taught me a lot and it gave me a very positive outlook on other communities

former Sport4Youth volunteer and current PLAY staff

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