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Sport 4 Resilience 1st Steering Committee

Thursday 5 October 2023

On the 22nd of September, stakeholders from various sectors converged at the Sirius Hotel in Prishtina for the inaugural steering committee meeting of the Sport4Resilience project. This momentous gathering brought together key players, including project partners TAKT and REGSPO, officials from the Ministry of Education of Kosovo, representatives from municipalities' education sectors, school directors, teachers, the dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at AAB University, and delegates from the French embassies of Kosovo and North Macedonia. The meeting was designed to facilitate discussions, share progress, and chart the future course of this important project aimed at bolstering resilience through sports in the region.


Comité de pilotage S4R


The first part of the meeting was dedicated to presenting the progress made within the Sport4Resilience project and detailing the content creation process. This process was broken down into three key phases: diagnosis research, co-creation, and testing. To illustrate these steps, a comprehensive video presentation was shown, providing attendees with a visual journey through the project's development.




The second part of the meeting was dedicated to an open discussion aimed at establishing criteria for the selection of schools, teachers, university professors, and assistants who will be involved in the Sport4Resilience project. This phase was crucial in ensuring that the project would reach its intended audience and have a meaningful impact.

For schools, criteria such as a commitment to promoting physical education and sports, a willingness to integrate resilience-building activities into the curriculum, and access to suitable facilities and equipment were discussed. The goal was to select schools that would serve as exemplary partners in implementing the project.


Comité de pilotage S4R


In the case of teachers, a passion for sports and a strong desire to engage students in physical activities were deemed essential. Teachers with a demonstrated commitment to professional development and an interest in incorporating innovative teaching methods were also highly valued.


University professors and assistants who would be involved in training and support were expected to have expertise in sports education and a proven track record of effective teaching and mentorship. Their role would be instrumental in guiding teachers and ensuring the project's success.


The inaugural steering committee meeting of the Sport4Resilience project marked a promising start to a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing resilience through sports in Kosovo. The active participation of stakeholders from various sectors underscored the importance of this initiative and the shared commitment to its success.

As the project moves forward, annual steering committee meetings will continue to play a vital role in monitoring progress, sharing insights, and adapting to the evolving needs of students and educators. The next steering committee meeting is expected to take place at the same time next year, offering an opportunity to reflect on achievements, address challenges, and reaffirm the project's dedication to fostering resilience among Kosovo's youth.


In conclusion, the Sport4Resilience project's first steering committee meeting demonstrated a strong foundation and a shared vision for resilience-building through sports in Kosovo's education system. With ongoing collaboration and dedication, this initiative holds the potential to make a lasting positive impact on the lives of students and educators in the region.


Equipe PLAY Kosovo
Erëza Pireva - Programme Manager, Bajram Llapashtica - Logistician, Abide Ujkani - Senior Coordinator, Fiona Furacao - Pedagogical Manager, Edona Bllaca - Project Coordinator, Bérangère Dailly, Head of Kosovo Mission, Qendrim Shehu - Administrative and Financial Assistant


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