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Playground 2017

Friday 20 October 2017
#Active school

On 17 and 18 October 2017 - under the patronage of the Ministry of National Education and the sponsorship of the City of Paris - PLAY International organised the third edition of the Playground dedicated to actors in sport, education and social change. During 2 days, the doors of the CENTQUATRE-Paris (19th) were opened to welcome 246 teachers, animators, sports educators, pedagogical coordinators from 5 different countries (Burundi, Kosovo, France, England and Belgium) and 600 children around the same educational approach: Playdagogy. Resolutely dedicated to training, co-creation & exchange of good practices, these field actors were able to work on the theme of combating physical inactivity and promoting physical activity. Concrete issues addressed through the practice of sport and play.




Discover and learn about methodology, co-create socio-sports games and imagine new projects, share good practices between different actors in the educational community. In total, 42 workshops were held around 3 routes adapted for the different profiles. That of "practitioners" for teachers, animators and educators who wanted to learn about the Playdagogy method, the Active School program and its deployment within their school. The "partners and institutions" in order to present the NGO and the Playdagogy method, to discover the different spaces of practice and creation during the event and to exchange ideas. Finally, the "co-creation" of educational content on the theme of the cognitive benefits of physical activity on health as well as on emotion management for more experienced and expert users of the themes.





Throughout the two days, 600 children from the school or extracurricular sector had the opportunity to participate in Playdagogy sessions. This method of active education - consisting in integrating an awareness message through sports games - was developed by PLAY International. The opportunity for children to learn while having fun!

Each group was also able to test sports games from Burundi or Kosovo, the NGO's international missions. The objective: to discover new cultures and new ways of playing!


playground enfants



Sedentary living is now the 4th leading cause of death in the world according to the WHO. The current generation is undoubtedly the most inactive in our history: at 11 years of age, only 11% of girls and 25% of boys practice the 60 minutes of physical activity necessary for their good health *. In France, only 34% of children under 10 years of age participate in daily physical activity **.


Faced with the urgent need to act, PLAY International is initiating collective action to provide new answers to this major health and social challenge and is launching the "Active School" Playdagogy programme in partnership with the University of Paris Descartes, the Ministry of National Education and Nike. This curriculum is intended for teachers to provide fun educational sessions and contribute to a positive culture of physical activity for the health of their students aged 6 to 12. A teaching guide and the creation of 20 "Active School" sessions dedicated to the benefits of an active lifestyle on physical (effort, diet, sleep), psychological (well-being) and social (peer influence, collaboration) health are available for free download.


download the active school kit here (content only in french)






After the first two conferences of the cycle: "Sport: Social innovation comes into play! ", the UP Campus and PLAY International teams organized a 3rd meeting as part of the Playground. On the occasion of this meeting, Nike, CENTQUATRE-PARIS and Mairie de Paris joined forces with Generali and Sport et Citoyenneté collectively propose a conference rich in content and ideas, allowing the issue of physical inactivity and physical activity at school to be addressed in a concrete way.


In the presence of Jorge Casimiro, Vice President Global Community Impact Nike, Inc. and Renaud Lavillenie, Olympic champion and world record holder in pole vaulting, Aurore Millot, school teacher, Véronique Moreira, USEP President, Valérie Senghor, Deputy Director of CENTQUATRE-Paris and Haifa Tlili, postdoctoral researcher in sports sociology at Paris Descartes University.


Relive the entire conference here:


#Playground #MadeToPlay on social networks!

With the support of Twitter France, PLAY International has set up a question and answer system. Renaud Lavillenie, Olympic Champion and pole vault record holder, took part in the Internet users' question games on the themes of sport, health and education. "Why do you practice sports?" "Do you have a special diet?" "What are the health benefits?" "How could children practice more sport?" "What do you think of the active school program?"...




photos of Playground 

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According to the evaluation questionnaire conducted with teachers and accompanying facilitators of children's groups: 


> 100% of children had fun (according to the facilitators/PEs)

> 100% consider the theme to be relevant.

> 90% consider that Playdogy makes it easier to discuss topics with children (70% Yes, 20% Yes totally Yes).

> 80% consider that Advocacy can promote behaviour change in children (70% yes, 10% yes totally).

> 90% consider that Advocacy helps to improve children's knowledge (80% Yes, 10% Yes totally).


According to the evaluation questionnaire conducted among the adults participating in the workshops:


> 97% recommend the event.

> 67% satisfied and 33% very satisfied with the event

> 100% think that Advocacy makes it easier to discuss certain topics with children (39% Yes and 61% Yes totally). 

> 100% think that Advocacy improves children's knowledge (70% Yes 30% Yes Yes totally).

> 100% think that Advocacy can promote behaviour change in children (64% Yes 36% Yes 36% Yes totally).


Photo, video & sound credits

Harrys Bibila, Antoine Biard, Erwan Daniel


PLAY International thanks its partners & suppliers: 

Official partners: Ministry of National Education, Paris City Hall, Nike

Event Partners: CENTQUATRE-Paris, Générali, Malakoff Médéric, Mouvement Up, Sport & Citoyenneté

Media Partners: Twitter, Sport Survey



** YEARS 2016