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Bootcamp sport and refugees

Monday 18 June 2018

From 18 to 22 June 2018, 7 projects from 7 European countries benefited from a week of intensive support at Insep Paris and Playlab as part of the Sport & Refugees incubation programme. The Playlab incubator, co-financed by the European Commission and the City of Paris, is the first programme on the theme of the social inclusion of refugees through sport. It was created to support initiatives with a high potential for impact and replicability. The aim was to strengthen these projects with a view to increasing their impact in the medium term and to identify solutions that could benefit all sectors of sport and the social and solidarity economy. 




Among many applications from 15 European countries, 7 projects have been selected to benefit from the Playlab support system. 


incubateur sport et réfugiés


Aniko - Greece > Use football as a tool for the integration of refugees through training as referees in order to organise their own football tournaments.



Futbol Mas - France > Avoid isolation and promote the integration of refugee women through swimming, cycling and bicycle repair training in Fribourg.



Bike Bridge - Germany > Avoid isolation and promote the integration of refugee women by teaching them to swim, cycle and repair bicycles in Fribourg.



INSERsport - Spain > In Barcelona, train refugees to become referees or coaches in one of the 16 sports offered by the Catalogue Federation in order to facilitate their integration into the country. 



Kicken Ohne Grenze - Austria > Ensure the sustainability of their sports activities (football, failure), training and internships in companies in order to integrate refugees into the professional world in Vienna.



Liberi Nantes - Italy > To develop the self-confidence of refugee women in Rome through sport. To help refugee women in Rome regain self-confidence through sport before integrating into their host country. 



The Welcoming - Scotland > Teach women to swim with their children in Edinburgh in order to restore the often unbound parent/child bond after the journey of exile.



Bootcamp: week of intensive support

Composed of 17 workshops, this week aimed to strengthen the action plans of project leaders through training, ideation, co-creation and exchange workshops. 19 experts and speakers facilitated workshops throughout the week. Strategy, project management, financing, pedagogical methods, communication are part of the reflections discussed during these 5 days with each project leader.


semaine d'incubation 1




On Wednesday, June 20, on the occasion of World Refugee Day, several workshops with refugees were organized, 3 inclusive sports sessions with 39 children, including 15 refugees, as well as an inclusive football tournament with 42 people, including 29 refugees.






After the bootcamp

Individual remote and field monitoring has made it possible to support the implementation of these action plans. 


In December 2018, a closing conference organised in Les Grands Voisins provided an opportunity to bring together researchers, sports coaches, members of refugee aid associations and local authorities, refugees, managers of sports institutions, donors and others to achieve a collective restitution. Design thinking workshops identified 5 major challenges and possible solutions to strengthen support for these initiatives and contribute to the spread of their solutions.


An innovation report capitalizing on the good practices that emerged throughout 2018 was also produced following this conference.


see the capitalisation report


AMBASSADORS, VOLUNTEERS, SPEAKERS :  thank you for participating in this incubation program! 

Thanks to Arnaud Assoumani, sponsor of this first edition, for his involvement throughout the week, especially during our workshops at INSEP.  Thanks also to Emmeline Ndongue, ambassador of PLAY International and head of the Education project for Paris 2024, for being part of the jury during the open pitch on Wednesday. Thanks to Harold Correa, Benjamin Compaore and Gauthier Klauss for participating in the inclusive sport sessions and playing with the children. 


semaine d'incubation 3

Thank you to the 32 volunteers on site on Wednesday June 20th who made the day go very smoothly, always with a smile despite the heat! 


Thank you to the speakers who facilitated the 17 workshops and passed on their know-how and expertise: Ghani Yalouz, INSEP; Maxime Leblanc, Sport and Citizenship; Celine Schmitt, UNHCR; Camille Thomas, SOS Group; Kat Craig, Athlead UK; Frank Abrial, INSEP Wrestling Pole; Elodie Bouchot, PLAY International; Marine Petit, INSEP; Victor Dechelette, INSEP; Vincent Edin; Kelly Deuster, Publicis; Félix Mathieu, SEENK; Marie-Claude Garneau, Facebook ; Anne-Cécile Gros, Ecole du Pitch; Valentina Pancaldi, PLAY International Kosovo; Armelle Daam, Director General of the CNDS; Elisa Yavitch, Les Canaux; David Blough, PLAY International; Kevin Goldberg, SOS Group; Axelle Roi, independent fundraiser; Susan Tamondong, UN Women; Jérémy Lachal, Libraries without Borders; Matt Ruuska, PLAY International.


Thanks to the partners of the incubation program:

Co-funded by the Commission EuropéenneMairie de Paris, INSEP

In collaboration with Sport and DevMouvement UPSport & Citoyenneté

The Playlab is supported by the CNDS

An initiative of PLAY International and of Groupe SOS Solidarités 


Agreement number EAC-2019-0529.

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