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Education is a priority issue in Senegal. However, despite the fact that schooling has been compulsory since 2004 and that statistics are constantly improving, the dropout rate among 6-16 year-olds was still 37% in 2016. There are various reasons for this - dropping out due to repeated failures, children with disabilities, early marriages and/or pregnancies, children reduced to begging - and Senegalese education also suffers from strong regional disparities in the quality of education.


It is in the light of these different elements that PLAY International is orienting its proposals in favour of quality education for the most vulnerable children, being present in the territory since the end of 2019. This mission, articulated around the EJO project, also appears as a wink to the activities that PLAY had already been able to deploy in Senegal at the beginning of the 2000s.


Two regions have priority in the deployment of these activities. The Saint-Louis region, in the northwestern part of the country, represents a large population base and faces issues related to school retention. Casamance, located in south-western Senegal, is a landlocked region with significantly high dropout rates.


From 2020 to 2022, alongside the Association de Solidarité Sportive, Culturelle et Artistique Nationale (ASSCAN) and Futur au Présent (FAP), PLAY International will distribute co-created educational kits and provide training for education professionals in these two regions with the aim of initiating a sustainable collective dynamic in terms of continuing educational care for children. The regional incubator launched in Dakar will support this ambition through the accompaniment of innovative projects from civil society organizations mobilizing sport as a lever for education, while the Playlab will support the design of a certified training course in socio-sports animation

2019-2022 Impact

Key Figures

20 000

Children from 8 to 15 years of age Beneficiaries


Trained educational professionals


Innovative projects in favour of education of the most vulnerable by sport accompanied


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