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Launch of the Pan-African Call for Projects for the second phase of the Strengthening of Sports and Inclusive Academies in Africa program

Friday 10 March 2023



A call for projects will be launched on March 13th, 2023 at 9:00 A.M. to select 12 new African sports academies to join the Inclusive Sports Academies program financed by the French Development Agency (AFD) and implemented by PLAY International - Groupe SOS and the Diambars Institute.


AAP Académies


In line with President Macron's announcement during the New Africa-France Summit in October 2021, a 3-year program has been launched to support African sports academies in offering high quality education programs that promote youth employability and youth empowerment through sport. The program also strives to help academies develop sustainable business models, promote gender equality and transmit key societal values (generosity, inclusion, respect, etc.) to help young girls and boys become future leaders in their communities.


A pilot phase of the program was launched in September 2022 to support 4 leading academies. From March 13th, a new phase of the project will begin with the launch a pan-African call for projects to select the 12 new academies that will join the program.


The call for projects aims to strengthen the model of emerging African academies through a 12 to 15 month personalized program covering 3 main axes:

1. Gender Equality: To promote gender equality through training, awareness raising and greater gender diversity. An emphasis will be placed on the development of women for the performance of academies and their local and national influence.

2. Education: To increase the commitment of students to their studies, give them greater career support and facilitate their access to the job market and vocational training, particularly in the sports industry.

3. Economic model: To help academies build sustainable business models to ensure their financial autonomy after the "Academies" program.


Academies who want to join the program should submit projects that focus on education, social inclusion and capacity building through sport. These projects should aim to :

• Promote active education for children and/or youth ;

• Include vulnerable, marginalized and/or disadvantaged youth, including children with disabilities ;

• Implement mixed gender education programs that promote gender equality ;

• Contribute to the implementation of at least 3 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely: quality education, good health and well-being, gender equality;

• Encourage the access of young girls to the staff and management teams of academies ;

• Demonstrate the will to embed the values of living together, inclusion and gender equality in the academic and sports curriculum.


The academies interested by this call for projects are invited to read the eligibility criteria and apply online on the Sport en Commun website:




Duration of the project: between 12 and 15 months

Funding: up to €130.000

Where to apply:

Opening of the call for projects: 13/03/2023 at 9 :00 GMT

Closing of the call for projects: 20/04/2023 at 18:00 GMT

Selection of the projects: From 24/04/2023

Announcement of the results: From 31/05/2023



Agence française de développement 

Marie MOUTON, Project manager

Agence de Dakar

+221 76 940 02 35


Diambars Institute

Pierre MBAS, Program and Partnership Director

+33 6 08 18 36 27


PLAY International 

Pierre LARNICOL, Head of mission

+221 77 793 25 33