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Summer Camp Kosovo 2019

Wednesday 7 August 2019

Although the war has been over for 15 years now, tensions between the different communities are palpable. The Sport4Youth programme brings together Albanian, Serbian, Ashkali, Bosnian, Turkish and Roma adolescents and children through sport. Multi-ethnic training seminars, mixed events, summer camps, celebration of international days for peace, youth... any opportunity is good to meet and learn from each other.



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Summer Camp

A major event of Sport4Youth, the Summer Camp brings together Kosovo's partners, volunteers and volunteers to bring together multi-ethnic groups of children through socio-sports games. All these sports activities promote inclusion, respect, cooperation and tolerance.


For children, it is an experience of discovery and exchange


Testimony of Maida " The summer camp was the best experience of my life. I discovered and learned a lot about people from other communities [...] At the end of the summer camp, I was so much more open-minded and I only wanted to discover more people from different cultures. »


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3 days punctuated by workshops, fun activities, and socio-sports games designed and co-created by students from Anestaps and the University of Pristina: 


Day 1: For the young volunteers, Summer Camp 2019 started with introductory games. They had the opportunity to attend an inspiring speech by a young woman involved in a Kosovar NGO fighting for access to digital data. Later, a working group was launched. The objective was to highlight a problem identified in their city and find solutions to limit this problem. The two topics chosen were: plastic use and unemployment.

At the end of the day, the young people participated in a session to create socio-educational games for children between 8 and 12 years old. As part of the Sport4Youth program, they will move from theory to practice by setting up their activities the next day. 


Day 2: The young people tested and animated the games they had developed the day before. In the afternoon, the group of volunteers from Tumulte and the students from Anestaps took advantage of a large hangar to do many sports activities.


Day 3: In Fushë Kosovë, the socio-sports games created by students from Anestaps and Pristina University were held. It was on a sports field that more than 40 children were able to share a moment of cohesion. At the end of the activities, speaking and exchange times were set up.