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20 years of impact

Wednesday 18 September 2019

From the Women's Garden project in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, to the Playlab sport and refugee incubator to support 7 European project leaders; From the Sport4Youth program in Kosovo to promote community reconciliation, to the Playdagogy program deployed in Burundi or France to raise children's awareness of social and health issues ...


Since 1999, PLAY International has invested in sport as a lever for education and social change. Its action on the ground, in more than 20 countries and 850 000 beneficiaries, shows that it is possible to positively impact the life course by inventing new ways to use physical activity and sports.


vision of play international



How will we use sport to solve our social problems in 2039?
PLAY International invites the actors of its ecosystem to participate in a collective reflection to imagine the role of sport in the society of tomorrow. Citizens, athletes, development actors, the social and solidarity economy, influencers, share our ideas #PLAY2039


discover the campain in video


a new website 

PLAY International is pleased to present this new website, space of ideation, platform for sharing educational content and monitoring international projects.



birthday program


6 events

Field Launch at Jordan Legacy Court - 19.09

Launch of the Ejo project at La Maison de la Radio - 17.10 

Gala PLAY International at Shangri-La Hotel Paris - 19.11

3 international events in Burundi, Kosovo and Senegal

A digital campaign

A new WebsiteUn nouveau site internet in partnership with Emakina 

The call for participation #PLAY2039
Video testimonials from actors in the field