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"Protective gestures" kit

This pedagogical kit, designed to equip professionals in the field of education and animation, allows to (re)create social links between children while respecting protective gestures in this context of health crisis.

Context and objectives


An educational tool

A "turnkey" tool for education and animation professionals


This educational kit was designed in collaboration with education and animation professionals.

Objective: to set up activities based on sports games and focused on cooperation between students, while respecting protective gestures.

Thus, the three session sheets contained in the kit present cooperative games, without contact and without manipulation of material by the players.

In addition, the case contains a "tool kit" to help teachers and facilitators in the implementation of these games, intended for children aged 6 years or older (from cycle 2 onwards in schools).

Finally, it contains a proposal for an extension via a questionnaire inviting children to share and express their emotions felt during this particular year, as well as what they get out of it, both positively and negatively.





"Very interesting kit, even in a non-Covid context."

- Anne, school teacher


"These games were popular with the students who only wanted to do this all morning. They liked to cooperate and help each other."

- Julie Blough, school teacher

"One of the games mixes sports and spelling. A great idea, really great for helping kids and having fun at the same time."

- Aziza Chihani, recreation center animator

"Attention, cooperation and mutual aid: this kit can weld a group, a class together!"

- Stéphanie Debuiche, school teacher

"For game ideas that respect today's health constraints! Tested and approved!"

- Marion Ayral, professeure d'EPS au collège


"The questionnaire provided as an extension can also be adapted outside the classroom, as a time to calm down after an activity! I validate!"

- Valérie Lefeuvre, facilitator in a collective reception center for minors (ACM)


"Excellent! Great games that mix different skills (memory, psychosocial, etc...)!"

- Virginie Issard, school teacher



The PLAY International team would like to thank all the education and animation professionals who have contributed in one way or another to the creation of this educational kit :


Virginie Issard, Céline Coste, Alicia Delorme, Julie Blough, Marion Ayral, Mickael Deubeuré, Victor De Araujo, Virginie Haddad, Julie Champrenaut, Daouda Gory, M. Fabi, Tessa Deit, Valérie Lefeuvre, Stéphanie Debuiche, Ludovic Legrand, Aziza Chihani, Anne, Nathalie Muller, M. Besenval, Anaïd Sarafian, Hakima Dakir, Mme Dehass, Isabelle Giacalone.

Contact projet :

Hugo Beguerie – Program development France

06 47 60 68 14 /


Contact pédagogique :

Paka Prachansiri – Pedagogical Coordinator France

01 53 27 66 46 /


Contact presse :

Laetitia Personnaz – Head of Communication /


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