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Digital education

Sports education kit for FFF and FFR clubs


Our objectives

The "Digital Education" project developed by PLAY International, with the support of Orange, the French soccer Federation and the French Rugby Federation, aims to educate children about the risks of digital technology by developing critical thinking and solidarity, in order to build more fulfilled and responsible citizens.


During the Playdogy and socio-sports sessions set up, children reflect on their relationship with their friends on the networks (the limits of friendship on these networks, the stereotypes girls-boys conveyed), respectful online attitudes (protecting their private life, accepting opinions, not crossing the rules) as well as on their critical thinking about information (varying sources of information, information requirements, questioning).

education au numerique-texte


Quantified targets

2 000

Children aware of the risks of digital technology


Educators trained to carry out prevention actions


French intervention regions


After a phase of diagnosis of the needs and definition of the key messages which had to be treated, the partners imagined, collectively, nine sessions of education by the sport which will constitute the educational kit for the two federations.


This module deals with topics that directly affect children from 8 to 12 years old: the construction of their digital identity, cyber harassment, the notion of real and virtual friendship, the risks of prolonged screen practices and good practices for protect yourself on the Internet.


Its purpose is to convey prevention messages to children so that they understand the importance of adopting responsible digital behavior, and that they develop benchmarks for better use of the Internet and social networks. The "Playdagogy Digital Education" module includes a training program on the prevention of digital health and social risks for sports educators, as well as a teaching kit and Orange sports equipment.


Currently in pilot phase in three regions of France, this module should be generalized by the end of 2019 and integrated into the training program of the French Rugby Federation and the Federal Educational Program of the French Football Federation with the support of the Fondaction of Football.



pedagogical library

Find all the educational resources developed with and for the educators of the French Football Federation and the French Rugby Federation. This sequence, aimed at young people from 8 to 12 years old, helps raise awareness in your clubs about the importance of adopting responsible digital behavior and developing benchmarks for better use of the Internet.



discover the digital education kit for FFf (french content only) 

discover the digital education kit for FFR (french content only)