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Agreement with Ministry of National Education

Wednesday 13 January 2016

The Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research and PLAY International sign a framework agreement.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research, and Arnaud Mourot, President of PLAY International, have signed a framework partnership agreement attesting to their willingness to actively contribute to the national deployment of the Playdagogy programme.  

This agreement is based on a shared objective: to promote the educational success and well-being of children, particularly within the REP and REP+ priority education networks.

As part of the promotion of the charter of secularism or the revision of school times, PLAY International and the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research are committed to developing the Playdagogy programme in elementary schools through 3 main objectives:


- create and disseminate new awareness-raising tools adapted to the educational issues identified as priorities (living together and citizenship, health, etc.)

- strengthen local educational continuity

- develop distance learning


This collaboration between the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research and PLAY International confirms the Ministry's commitment to promote new forms of learning, particularly through sport. It thus falls within the framework of Act No. 2013-595 on orientation and programming for the reform of the Republic's school, which aims to develop the place of sport within the education system, recalling that physical and sports education and school sport contribute to the renewal of the system, the fight against school failure, health and citizenship education and the reduction of social and cultural inequalities.



Advocacy is the support methodology designed by PLAY International since the early 2000s around the world. Intended for children, especially those aged 6 to 12, this approach allows them to learn and grow by playing sports games.


Advocacy activities allow them to acquire knowledge by spending time and having fun : 


- knowledge on a dedicated theme (living together; discrimination; disability; nutrition/obesity; etc.)

- life skills (self-respect, rules, respect for others; collaboration; etc.)

- behavioural reflexes that positively affect their life course or that of those around them


The Playdagogy programme is structured around a system of tools, training and network animation enabling education, humanitarian/development and sports practitioners to use this methodology. This system is characterized by the provision of shared and co-constructed content with educational practitioners. The content and skills are distributed in France and around the world through the distribution of kits, an Internet platform, video tutorials, unifying events, etc.



1300 practitioners engaged
700 practitioners trained
650 municipalities involved
6 kits created
1050 kits distributed
35,000 child beneficiaries


Playdagogy in images